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Aerospace Specials


Aerospace Specials

Get your personal Mapal-Effect for your Light Weight Material Application...

Depending on the industry different requirements are set to the components and therefore also at their machining strategy, for example tools for aviation, which have to fulfill strict "Fail Safe" requirements.

Each and every Material is giving certain Requirements to the Tools and the Process Parameters. Machining of Light Weight Material needs special Machining Strategies.

Machine Tool Concept: 
The Machine Tool Concept is influencing directly the Cutting Geometry. So is for example High Speed/Feed Machining in Titan-Aluminum as well as Combination of CFRP-Aluminum Variations.

Depending on the Application Cutting always Tools have to be designed for different Drilling, Milling or Turning Applications especially when combinations of different Materials are going to be machined. Also for different Materials there are different Type of wear which have to be considered while designing Customers Machining Solution.

With Mapal Tools for Modern Light Weight Materials youre selecting an experienced Partner with Decades of Knowledge and worldwide Reputation in this special Machining Field. Get your personal Mapal-Effect!


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